Jensen Family Engineering Diversity Scholarship

The Jensen Family Engineering Diversity Scholarship is awarded to a female student of color pursuing a degree in engineering, who is of Junior or Senior status (expected to graduate in 2 years or less).

Eligibility Criteria
Female student of color who is a Junior or Senior in the College of Engineering (will graduate in 2 years or less, by Spring 2020), and is a US Citizen or Permanent Alien.

Selection Criteria
Recipients will be selected based on their scholarly and extracurricular record, their responses to application essay questions, and references.

Donor Information
Mike and Mary Jensen are UW-Madison alumni of the College of Engineering. Both the Jensens earned degrees in Chemical Engineering and are active in the UW Alumni Association and the UW Foundation.

Award Information
$5000 annually until graduation, with a maximum of two awards.

College of Engineering, College of Engineering - Diversity Affairs Office
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please select your engineering major.
  2. In the following questions, please do not repeat activities in more than one section:
    • List any honors or meritorious activities you have been involved in at UW-Madison.
    • List extracurricular activities (especially leadership or service, and particularly include activities related to diversity or social justice), offices held, unusual travel, employment or volunteer experiences, hobbies, projects, etc. and the dates of such activities (most recent first). Please include only college-level experiences.
  3. Essays
    The following are essay questions. Students should take great care in preparing essays as they are a major factor in scholarship selection. You have a limited number of words so it is important to carefully select what to include. You may wish to write your essays in Word for grammar and spell checking, and to ensure your ability to edit, then cut/paste to this application. While you are working in the online application, be sure to save your work frequently.
    • Essay 1: Choose an experience from your own life and explain how this experience influenced your current educational path in engineering or your professional plans. Include comments on contributions you hope to make to society as an engineer.
    • Essay 2: Describe your short and long term professional goals.
  4. References
    This scholarship application requires at least one reference who can comment on your academic, research and/or extracurricular accomplishments. We recommend that at least one of your references be a College of Engineering or STEM departmental faculty member.
    Reference #1
  5. Reference #2 (optional)