MD/MPH Scholarship Application

Due to a number of generous donors, we’re able to offer several scholarships to medical students during their MPH year to help defer the cost of their education. While we expect these funds to be available each year, there is no guarantee.

Scholarships and their Monetary Values
Shapiro Farrell Scholarship: $15,000 (up to one scholarship)
Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association (WMAA) Sam Perlson MD-MPH Dual Degree Scholarship: $15,000 (up to four scholarships)
MD-MPH Student Support Fund: Varies annually (typically $2500- $5000)

The scholarship will be awarded based on merit and commitment to the priorities listed below. Students must be admitted to both the MD and MPH Program to receive the scholarship. This scholarship cannot be combined with a graduate student assistantship (PA, TA, or RA positions), as these positions come with a tuition waiver. Students may, however, work in a student hourly position if they’re awarded this position. This is a competitive process and depending on the year, we may have fewer scholarships than students. Please note, this scholarship can only be used for the student’s MPH year.

Priorities for the Scholarship Include
• Evidence of commitment to public health initiatives
• Interest in serving the needs of underserved populations
• Intention to practice medicine in the state of Wisconsin
• Strong academic performance

Application Process and Time Line
Students will submit one application to be considered for all scholarships available. Applications are due May 1 of the year that student intends to matriculate into the MPH Program. For example, a student who was accepted into the MPH Program as an M1 but intends to enroll in the MPH Program between Phase 2 and Phase 3, should apply for the scholarship by May 1 of their M3 year. We will notify students by May 15 with results.

Selection Committee:
Associate Dean for Public Health (chair), Path of Distinction faculty director, Associate Dean for Students, MPH Program faculty director, MPH representative.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Year of MPH Matriculation
  2. Intended graduation year (with MPH year included)
  3. Please Include a personal statement (MPH Personal Statement may be used for this)
  4. Unofficial medical school transcript
  5. Attach a copy of your CV.