Davis/Gerstein Undergraduate Research Award Application

Thanks to generous funding provided by Susan E. Davis and Miles J. Gerstein, the Department of History will offer the Davis/Gerstein Undergraduate Research Award to a student who proposes to undertake an in-depth research project, such as a senior thesis, under the close supervision of a History Department faculty member. The successful applicant will receive $6,000 to help defray research costs such as supplies, expenses for travel to distant archives, or to pay for living expenses so that they have time to conduct research in the archives and craft their papers. Preference will be given to candidates that demonstrate a strong capability to produce original research based on primary sources found in an archive. Research may take place during the summer or the academic year, and students should reference their timeline for archival visits in their description of the research project.

Students applying for the Davis/Gerstein will need to prepare the following materials to submit online via WiSH:
1) Detailed proposal for the research project (no more than five double-spaced pages). The proposal should include a description of the project, a research timeline, specifics on how the faculty mentor and the student will coordinate research and advising time, and a budget statement about how funds will be applied.
2) Letter of recommendation from the faculty mentor who will supervise the proposed research project.
3) Most up-to-date UW-Madison unofficial transcript. See how to obtain an unofficial transcript here.

Conditions of Award
Recipients of a Davis/Gerstein Undergraduate Research Award will be required to submit a thank you letter to our donors, as well as provide a copy of their final research paper and a summary of their research process and how the award contributed to their completion of the project. If in some years no undergraduate students are eligible for the award, the fund may be used to support graduate level research work.

Department of History
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your expected graduation date? (Month/Year)
  2. Please provide the title of your proposed student research or faculty project. (A working title is sufficient)
  3. Please provide a short description of the proposed student research or faculty project.
  4. Have you applied for other awards to fund this project (such as the Hilldale)? If so, please list here.
  5. Please upload a detailed description of the proposed research project. Awarding decisions will be made based on the quality of the research proposal. Proposals should specify how the faculty mentor and the student will coordinate research and advising time. The proposal should also reference the timeline for archival visits, and should include a brief budget statement about how funds will be applied. Proposals should not exceed 5 double-spaced pages.
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