Edna Kerngood Glicksman Award

The Edna Kernwood Glicksman Award provides a one time award to an outstanding female junior or senior undergraduate after nomination by faculty or academic staff. Nominated candidates from any colleges and schools are welcome. Nominees have demonstrated excellent intellectual ability and curiosity, engaged citizenry, appreciation of the broader world and participation in its affairs. While junior women are eligible, selected recipients have traditionally been seniors due to their more robust resumes of on-campus service and leadership. Only on-campus, U.S. citizens are considered. Finalists are of high academic caliber, very active on campus and/or in community activities and are usually aspiring to continue their education in graduate or professional schools.

Edna Kerngood Glicksman was an early 20th century leader in the state League of Women Voters and the State Federation of Women’s Clubs. The award was created by her husband, Harry Glicksman, Assistant Dean, to recognize students with “intellectual attainments, high womanhood and service in the college community.”

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