Dorothy Marshall to honor Charles J Marshall Frawley Scholarship

The Dorothy Marshall Frawley to honor Charles J Marshall Frawley scholarship is for engineering students; designated for freshmen scholarships

How to Apply
1) Sign into WiSH (you can do so at the top of this page OR through the Student Center portal in your MyUW)
2) Complete the “General Application”
3) Fill out the “College of Engineering Incoming Freshman Application” which will be presented to you after filling out the “General Application”

The application deadline is February 1, 2020. Completed applications are read and evaluated using criteria designated by the donor and the values of the College. In addition, scholarships with a required financial need component use information provided on the completed FAFSA form.

Award Information
New recipients will be notified by mid-April with payments posted to the student account at the beginning of the semester. Generally, awards are split evenly between the two semesters. Eligibility for the second semester portion of the scholarship is dependent upon continued enrollment in Engineering and earning a minimum grade point average of 3.250 for the first semester of college coursework.

College of Engineering