SoHE Summer Internship Scholarship

This scholarship is intended for School of Human Ecology juniors and seniors who will be engaged in an unpaid and/or out-of-state internship during the summer. Students who have already completed their internship requirement within the school are NOT eligible for this award.

School of Human Ecology
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you previously satisfied the internship-for-credit requirement within the School of Human Ecology?
  2. Have you submitted your Internship Verification form to get your internship approved for credit or verified that your international internship experience will be equivalent to International Studies 523?
  3. Is your summer 2024 internship unpaid?
  4. If your internship is paid, how much will you be paid per hour? (If your internship is unpaid, enter N/A.) If you are provided a lump sum, please divide that by 150 hours to provide your hourly rate
  5. How many hours per week would you be working in this position?
  6. Will your internship be in-person, remote/virtual, or a hybrid of both?
  7. Is your summer 2024 internship taking place outside the state of Wisconsin?
  8. Please list the city and state that your internship will take part in.
  9. Will you need to relocate to a new residence where you will need to pay rent/lease for your internship opportunity?
  10. What is the name of the company/organization for which you will be interning?
  11. What will your position title be during this internship (i.e., Early Childhood Intern)?
  12. What funding, if any, have you received from other sources for this experience (Ex, a stipend or grant)? What unit/organization is it from?
  13. Briefly explain what this award would mean to you financially.
  14. If you have any transportation costs (cost of gas, parking, bus, train, flights) please include your complete total for this here:
  15. If you have any living costs (renting in the area of your internship) please list the total dollar amount for this here:
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