Department of Physics General Scholarship Application

Please answer the questions listed below. Be sure to note the required questions (indicated by red asterisks) and the maximum word count. Responses may be revised until the time you submit your application. You may wish to copy/paste your responses from an application with a grammar/spell checker.

Department of Physics
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please check all that apply. I am a:
  2. I understand that I must submit a PDF statement no greater than 2,000 words about my current research or teaching activities including my future plans as a physics major.
  3. Please upload your resume or CV here.
  4. Recommendations are used to determine whether you are a strong candidate for the scholarship(s) for which you are applying. Carefully consider whom you ask for a recommendation, and be sure to contact the recommender(s) to let them know you listed them on this application.
  5. I understand that if selected I will be asked to attend the Department of Physics Award Banquet to be held in May 2023, and that my photo may be taken and used on public websites.
  6. Please write a statement regarding your current research or teaching or outreach and/or learning activities in physics and about your future plans as a physics major.
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