Neil & Audrey Barrows Study Abroad Scholarship

Professor Richard “Dick” Barrows ’70, ’72 PhD and Dr. Linda Barrows ’72, ’78 PhD established the fund in honor of Dick’s parents Neil and Audrey. Dick served as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. The Barrows inspire and encourage students to go beyond academic intuitions and learn in the world’s classroom. “It’s not the travel, per se, that produces learning but interacting with others who are from a different culture, seeing their lives and their environment and how they think that creates learning – deep learning,” said Dick. “A student who would derive maximum benefit from this is someone who has not had the chance to live or work in another country, who has a great work ethic, a respect for the differences among people and a drive to make a positive difference in the world.”

Eligibility Criteria
Awarded to undergraduate students in CALS who are studying abroad or participating in international internships. Minimum GPA of 2.0 required.

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