SuccessWorks at the College of Letters & Science Internship Fund

Awards up to $5,000 are given to enable L&S undergraduates to take advantage of internships—paid or unpaid—during their undergraduate careers. The funds may be used to offset lack of wages for an unpaid or underpaid internship, as well as assist with expenses incurred during the internship, including living and transportation costs.

Eligibility Criteria

  • L&S undergraduate student (must be seeking a degree in the College of Letters & Science; if you are unsure of your degree, login to your Student Center and click the My Academics tab).
  • Overall GPA is 2.5 or above.
  • Internship must be 10 hours/week minimum; 6 weeks minimum; cannot be for internship post-graduation.

Application opens April 1. The deadline to apply is May 15.

Questions? Contact SuccessWorks via email at or by telephone at 608-262-3921.

Selection Criteria
Students will be selected on the strength of their application, demonstrated financial need, and quality of the internship experience. Preference will be given to first-generation college students and those from underrepresented backgrounds.

FAFSA Required
We require students to submit the FAFSA to be considered for this need-based award. Students who are not able to fill out the FAFSA (ex. international or undocumented students) can still apply. They should explain why funds are necessary to complete the internship through the narrative sections of the application.

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Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you formally secured and accepted an internship offer?
  2. Internship Information (must complete each field)
    • A. Company/Organization Name
    • B. Location (City, State)
    • C. Country
    • D. Start Date
    • E. End Date
    • F. Duration of internship (# of weeks)
    • G. Hours per week worked (# hours/week)
    • H. Pay, if applicable ($/hour). If unpaid, mark 0.
    • I. Stipend (total stipend, including relocation) If no stipend, mark 0.
    • Is your internship in-person or virtual?
  3. Internship Compensation
  4. Please upload a copy of the internship job description.
  5. Request a letter of verification (or "offer letter") from the internship employer stating that you have secured this internship. The letter should include the beginning and end dates of the internship, the number of hours a week, and pay or stipend information. Often this letter is provided to you when an employer offers you the internship - it may be in email form.
  6. Why are you pursuing this internship opportunity? What do you hope to learn/get out of the experience? (hint: relate to your career and/or personal goals, if applicable)
  7. How will this award money enable you to participate in this internship opportunity? (Be specific).
  8. (Optional) Have you had any life or family challenges that you feel should be taken into consideration when reviewing your application?
  9. Please provide a breakdown of anticipated expenses during your internship. Estimate the amount you will spend PER WEEK.
    • A. Food
    • B. Housing/Rent
    • C. Transportation
    • D. Total (please add A - D)
    • E. GRAND TOTAL: Multiply total (D) by number of weeks you will be working
  10. Please provide a breakdown of your one-time only expenses (expenses NOT included in your weekly expenses above):
    • A. Airline Tickets or Transportation
    • B. Visa/passport application fee
    • C. Clothing
    • D. Other (please list along with amount)
    • E. TOTAL for one-time expenses (sum of A - D)
  11. TOTAL EXPENSES: Please add your GRAND TOTAL of per week expenses with your TOTAL for one-time expenses.
  12. Is there a program fee associated with this internship? (i.e. Do you have to pay the organization to participate in the internship)?
  13. If yes, what is the fee?
  14. How much money are you requesting (amount between $1,000 and $5,000)?
  15. List any additional funding sources you are applying to in order to fund this internship experience, the amount(s) you've requested, and the date(s) you'll find out whether you've received this funding. Failure to disclose may affect the consideration of your application.
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