L&S Honors Summer Research Apprenticeship

Description: Funded by grants from the Brittingham Wisconsin Trust and the Kemper K. Knapp Bequest, the Apprenticeship allows Honors students the opportunity to learn what research is and how it is conducted within a discipline by participating in actual, cutting-edge research, under the mentorship of a faculty member.

Purpose: This Honors Summer Apprenticeship grant provides a significant opportunity to develop research skills and explore the research process. It can also lay the groundwork for possible future junior and senior year research projects, should a student want to continue with research.

Award: Students receive a $ 3,000 stipend for what would otherwise be an unpaid research experience.


  • A second-year student in the L&S Honors Program, or
  • A first-year student in the L&S Honors Program who will have more than 24 credits after May of the current academic year

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Academic record (including GPA)
  • Progress towards completing your Honors degree(s)
  • Quality of the proposal
  • Strength of personal statement

Restrictions: If you are awarded and accept a Summer Research Apprenticeship you may not accept funding from other sources for the same research project during the same time period. (For example, if you plan to apply for the Summer Research Fellowship (SRF), you may want to apply for the SRF for the fall and/or spring term.)

Visit the Honors Program site for more information about the Summer Research Apprenticeship

L&S Honors Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you employed at UW-Madison?
  2. If you are employed at UW-Madison, what is the name of the employing unit?
  3. Please select the semester you expect to graduate from UW-Madison.
  4. If you answered "Other" to the question above, please clarify.
  5. Please select the Honors track you are currently pursuing.
  6. How many Honors credits have you completed to date?
  7. How many Honors credits are you registered for in the current term?
  8. All apprentices are expected to give presentations at the Summer Apprenticeship Retreat which will occur in late July. Will you be able to attend this retreat?
  9. Please enter a project title for your research apprenticeship.
  10. Please collaborate with your mentor to create one PDF Project Proposal. The file name should include your last name. The proposal should be no more than four double-spaced pages with at least 1 inch margins, and no smaller than 11pt font. Each of the components of the proposal should be clearly outlined in the proposal. Make sure to include the following:

    1. Project Title

    2. Project Objective: (This statement describes the overall research project within which the Apprenticeship will take place. This section can be drafted by the faculty member, but the student should be familiar with its details.)

    3. Duties of the Apprentice: (This section should describe in as much detail as possible the role the apprentice will play in the research, their specific duties or tasks, the skills they will obtain/develop to enable them to assist with the research, and a general outline of the apprentice’s planned experience over the course of the summer program. This section should be drafted jointly by the faculty member and the student.)

    4. Faculty advisor and student apprentice meeting schedule. (Apprentice and faculty advisor should plan on regular weekly meetings at a minimum. As part of this process, please ask the faculty member to provide an outline for the work to be completed, and talk it over with them.)

    5. Personal statement: (Student applicants should write a 200-300 word personal statement explaining why they want a Summer Apprenticeship and what they expect and/or hope to gain from the experience. If you so choose, a brief statement about your financial circumstances would be welcome. While the apprenticeship is not awarded based on need, this information can help us find additional funds to support more students.)

  11. REQUEST REFERENCE: To request the letter of reference from your project advisor click on "Add a New Reference" below, enter their name and UW-Madison email address and save. The WiSH system will send an email to your project advisor with a link to upload their letter. You are responsible for ensuring your project advisor completes this reference request.

    Please note: If you have already requested a letter of reference for the Sophomore Research Fellowship (same project and advisor), you can use that letter for your L&S Honors Apprenticeship application. It should appear in the drop-down box below.

  12. Please enter your faculty mentor's First and Last Name.
  13. Enter your faculty mentor's department.
  14. Enter your faculty mentor's email address.
  15. If you will have additional mentors beyond your faculty mentor (e.g. graduate students, postdoc students, other faculty), please submit a single PDF with their name(s) and email address(es). Please note that this list will be used to provide mentorship training opportunities to those listed and will not impact your application.
  16. What other university funding, if any, will you receive to support this project work during the summer? Please check all that apply.
  17. If you selected "Other" as a funding source, please clarify.
  18. Upload a current transcript (official or unofficial is acceptable). See https://registrar.wisc.edu/transcript/ for instructions on retrieving a transcript.
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