E&J Net Dissertation/Project/Thesis Fellowship

The School of Human Ecology Equity and Justice Network initiative, launched summer 2020, supports the continued evolution of our school into a community wherein people with diverse backgrounds find success, share knowledge, and advance justice. The E&J Net Dissertation Fellowship is available to SoHE students needing a final boost of dedicated time and/or financial support to complete their dissertation. Fellowships can be requested for one or two academic semesters, 12 weeks during the summer, or a combination of academic semester and summer, and will include dissertator tuition and health insurance benefits. Stipends are commensurate with fellowship rates set by the UW-Madison Graduate School.

For additional application information, please see here: https://uwmadison.box.com/s/5xvljgjbqbupujlclatiovqd61e1s6jp

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload the following as a single document (.pdf, .doc, or .docx): 1) A dissertation abstract and progress report specifying what you have accomplished to date. 2) An explicit plan and timeline for completion of your dissertation, including defense, revision, and depositing with the Graduate School. 3) A letter of support from the dissertation committee chair attesting to the feasibility of completing the degree in the fellowship period (including defense, revisions, and depositing with the Graduate school).
  2. Which Fellowship duration are you requesting?
  3. For which time period are you applying?