Trewartha Senior Honors Thesis Research Award

This grant recognizes excellent research proposals and enables honors students to undertake more demanding and extensive senior Honors thesis research projects than might otherwise be possible.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You are currently declared as an L&S Honors Program student (Honors in the Liberal Arts, Honors in the Major, or both [Comprehensive Honors])
  • You plan to graduate in May of 2024 or earlier
  • Your cumulative GPA is at least 3.0
  • You are enrolled in a Senior Honors Thesis Directed Study (_usually _681 or 682) in your major department at the time of application

Selection Criteria

  • Strength of academic record
  • Progress towards completing your Honors degree(s)
  • Strength, rigor, and clarity of your proposal and of the Honors Senior Thesis research project to be funded

Up to 18 Trewartha awards can be made each year. The standard award is $1,500.

Note: In most cases, you may not receive a Trewartha grant for your research if your thesis has been or will be supported by another university undergraduate research grant for the same research over the same time period (e.g., the Hilldale Undergraduate Fellowship or the Hughes Grant).

More information can be found on the L&S Honors Program Grants webpage

L&S Honors Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please enter the proposed title of your thesis.
  2. I understand that incomplete applications will not be considered and that all supporting materials and the application must be submitted by the deadline.
  3. If awarded a Trewartha Undergraduate Research Grant, I understand and would agree to the following:
    • I will complete the requirements for an Honors degree in the College of Letters & Science (Honors in the Liberal Arts, Honors in the Major, or Comprehensive Honors)
    • I will participate in the Senior Honors Thesis Symposium in late spring 2024 (or arrange an alternative with approval by Honors Program).
    • I will submit a PDF copy of my completed Honors thesis to the Honors Program Office.
  4. If the proposed study involves human subjects research, do you have an approved IRB protocol that will cover the study?
  5. If you responded "No" to the previous question, please explain (e.g., you’re planning to submit a protocol for the study but have not yet done so, etc.).
  6. Please select which semester you expect to graduate from UW-Madison.
  7. If you answered "Other" to the question above, please clarify.
  8. Please upload your project proposal in PDF format. Your last name should be part of the file name, and please limit your responses to a maximum of four (4) pages of single-spaced text (not including references, figures, tables, and/or images). Remember that the Faculty Honors Committee members reviewing your application may be from outside your academic field and therefore unfamiliar with the specialized terminology of your discipline. Address the following areas:
    1. Project title
    2. An abstract of the proposed research (200 words or less, may be single-spaced)
      1. This may include the research problem (goal, aim, purpose, etc)
    3. What procedure(s) or approach(es) will you use (methodology, experimental design, etc.) and/or what variables do you plan to evaluate?
    4. Describe and explain your previous experience and background relating to the proposed research.
  9. What other university funding, if any, have you received to support your senior Honors thesis research?
  10. If you selected "Other" as a funding source, please clarify.
  11. Please enter your faculty mentor's First and Last Name.
  12. Enter your faculty mentor's email address.
  13. Enter your faculty mentor's department.
  14. Please request a letter of recommendation from your faculty mentor. Note that this letter must be submitted (not just requested) by the application deadline.
  15. Upload a current transcript (official or unofficial is acceptable). See for instructions on retrieving a transcript.
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