Ray Kent Doctoral Scholarship

The Ray Kent Doctoral Scholarship is a fund administered through the University of Wisconsin Foundation for the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, UW-Madison.

The fund will be used to award a scholarship, once a year, to a doctoral student who is in the second year of the program or later. The fund is intended to support a student research project that emulates the interest areas and high level of scholarship exemplified by Professor Kent throughout his career at UW-Madison. These interest areas include motor speech disorders, normal speech production studies, speech development, and other areas of speech-language pathology.

The award will be made competitively, on the basis of an application made by the doctoral student. In the application letter, students should describe their academic interests, background, and long term goals. The letter should also include a description of a specific research project that the funds will be used to support. In addition, specific research components for which funds will be used should be described. Application letters should not exceed 2-3 pages.

The Ray Kent Doctoral Scholarship can be used to support travel to a meeting for which the aforementioned research project will be presented. However, preference will be given to applications requesting support for research activities other than travel. A scholarship will be available each year, the amount of which will depend on the fund balance as well as the fund needs described in the application.

Up to $1.000
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Supplemental Questions
  1. In order to be eligible for this scholarship PhD students must be in at least their 2nd year of the program. Do you meet this qualification?(csd)
  2. Cover Letter and Research/Travel/Training Expense Budget Upload - If you will be participating in a conference please include the following information in your uploaded document: Dates of the Conference/Training, Conference/Training Location, Title of Presentation (if given), and whether or not the submitted paper has been accepted for presentation. If you are submitting a request for clinical training expenses please provide specific details(csd).
  3. (CSD) Please upload your most recent resume/CV here.
  4. Travel Budget - Please give a detailed budget for expenses related to conference travel or research.
  5. Please provide the name and email of a faculty/staff member who supports your proposal. A notification will be sent directly from the WiSH system.(CSD)