Psychology Undergraduate Community Impact Award

The Psychology Undergraduate Community Impact Award celebrates Psychology students who take what they learn in their major to address diverse societal issues and concerns in practice.

Psychology major undergraduate students are a talented, creative, and compassionate group who make broad-ranging contributions to society through civic engagement, including application of psychological science. Their work outside the classroom advances their academic development, knowledge, skill sets, and career goals, but also benefits the local community and broad society. This award recognizes significant student achievements in activities that benefit the local or broader community. The range of activities may extend from work with organizations and efforts that aim to address and improve mental health to engagement with education, arts, non-profit or related groups to a variety of other experiences. Priority consideration will be given to students whose applications demonstrate involvement and impact outside of academic research or lab experience.

How to Apply
To be considered for this opportunity, log in and complete the General Application on your WiSH dashboard at, as well as this individual Award application.

Conditions of Award
Students must be a declared and currently enrolled psychology major. Student financial aid packages can be impacted by scholarship awards. It is recommended that students contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at to learn about potential impact on current aid packages.

up to $1,500
Department of Psychology
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload a current resume, no more than 2 pages. If you need resume writing assistance, you can visit SuccessWorks ( Having your resume reviewed prior to submission is strongly encouraged. PDF file preferred. Name the file {lastname_firstname_Resume}, for example Smith_Jane_Resume.
  2. Question 1: Please list your achievements and activities relevant to this application. This can include internships, volunteer opportunities, student organization leadership, community project development, etc.
  3. Question 2: Please provide a short statement (approximately 500-1000 words, 3 paragraphs) about: a) The impact of the activities listed in Question 1 in terms of their societal or community benefit b) How you have taken what you learned in your Psychology major and put it into practice via the activities listed in Question 1 c) How the award will support or advance your activities
  4. A letter of recommendation is required. Please provide the name and email of your recommender. Your recommender does not necessarily need to be affiliated with UW-Madison. For example, if you've had a volunteer experience outside UW, your supervisor could serve as your recommender.