Scan Design Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship Semester/Year

Pending annual review, this fellowship is designed to foster Danish-American relations by providing generous financial support to degree-seeking UW-Madison undergraduate and graduate students who are committed to the environment and sustainability. Applicants must be U.S. citizens who are participating on any approved UW Study Abroad or credit-bearing internship program in Denmark for Spring 2024. In addition to receiving scholarship funds, SDF fellows are invited to participate in a some hosted activities in Denmark, which are organized by the SDF coordinators in Copenhagen. The goal of the activities is to help recipients get to know other Badgers in Denmark, Danes, and Denmark a little better. Upon return to Madison, SDF Fellows are expected to participate in 5-8 sustainability-focused activities alongside Danish students on campus. The UW-Madison SDF Fellowship Program is directed by Maj Fischer of the International Division and works in collaboration with the UW-Madison Office of Sustainability .

Eligibility Criteria
Applicants must be degree-seeking UW-Madison undergraduate and graduate students who will return to campus for at least one semester following their program in Denmark. Applicants must be U.S. citizens who are participating on an approved UW Study Abroad or credit-bearing internship program to Denmark for Spring 2024. Applicant must be in the process of applying, or have already applied, to a program for the specified semester(s). Graduate students doing research in Denmark are eligible by enrolling in IAP’s UW Graduate Research Program or UW Worldwide Graduate Fellowships Research Program. Students must be able to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability through their course of study, work, or volunteer experiences.

How to Apply
Application is open. The deadline is September 25, 2023. If your study abroad program application isn’t required to be complete until after this date, you must still submit your scholarship application by this date to be considered. However, you must already be in the process of applying to your program by September 25 , 2023 in order to be eligible for this scholarship. Incomplete scholarship applications or applications submitted to the office will not be considered. To apply, please log into Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH) through your student center or by logging in directly using the ‘My Applications’ button at the top of this page.

Selection Criteria
A Transcript (UW Student Record), information on the program the student is attending in Denmark, an Essay, a Résumé, and a written Letter of Recommendation that highlighting the student’s qualifications and demonstrated commitment to sustainability are required. The written Letter of Recommendation (from a faculty member, instructor, advisor, volunteer coordinator or work supervisor) must be received by the application closing date of September 25, 2023. No exceptions to this Letter of Recommendation deadline will be considered. Please plan accordingly. UW Study Abroad takes into consideration other awards a student may have been offered.

Donor Information
This scholarship is made possible through the generous donation of the Scan Design Foundation. The Foundation was founded by Inger and Jens Bruun to support Danish American relations. During their lifetime, Inger & Jens sponsored over 150 Danish interns and welcomed them into their home during their stay in America. Supporting environmental causes and student study in Denmark are a key program focus for the foundation. Students are strongly encouraged to experience Danish culture, make friends, and explore the country while studying in Denmark.

Award Information
The standard award is $8,000 a semester and $16,000 for an academic year, with additional funds available each term for students who have significant financial need. Previously awarded students are eligible to apply for a second award. Students may be awarded a total maximum of $16,000 towards a maximum of two different programs/experiences. Students enrolling in Danish language outside of the host institution’s regular academic term offerings may be eligible for an additional $1,000 (for the first term abroad only).

Conditions of Award
Completion of the study abroad program is a requirement of the scholarship. In addition, recipients are required to submit a thank-you letter for the donor, a one paragraph biography and digital photo of yourself to be posted on the SDF website upon acceptance. Additionally, recipients must send a mid-program update and complete a written evaluation of your experience to be submitted to the SDF no later than one month after the end of your program. Recipients are also expected to participate in SDF alumni activities upon return to Madison as a way to build community for the Danish students in Madison and support campus sustainability efforts.

International Academic Programs
Supplemental Questions
  1. Select your IAP study abroad program duration
  2. What country are you planning to study abroad in?
  3. Which Study Abroad Program are you planning to participate in?
  4. Have you ever traveled outside of the United States before for any type of experience?
  5. Will you be back on the UW Madison campus for at least one semester following the conclusion of your study abroad program?
  6. Have you taken language courses at UW-Madison? If so, please list the languages below.
  7. How is sustainability incorporated into your general academic goals at UW, and how will your intended study abroad program help you meet them?
  8. Outline at least one non-academic SMART Goal you have for your time abroad
  9. The goals of the Scan|Design Foundation (the funder of this scholarship) focus on fostering Danish-American Relations. How have you demonstrated the ability to build community, especially with people who are from a different background than you are, and how do you plan to do so in Denmark?
  10. The Scan Design Program offers not only a scholarship to support students’ costs related to studying / interning in Denmark, but also a fellowship program supporting sustainability-focused excursions and cross-cultural activities both in Denmark and in Madison. Awardees are expected to participate fully in the program while in Denmark, as well as upon return to campus, to welcome Danish students. Students who do not participate may have their scholarship rescinded.

    While most of the program activities are arranged by staff, program “alumni” are asked to design and host an experience for visiting Danish students that exposes Danes to UW/Madison/Wisconsin/Midwest culture. What about UW/Madison/Wisconsin is special in your eyes? How will you be a good “ambassador”? Describe the activity you propose, to take place the semester you return to campus. Your proposal should reflect your interests as well as provide a cultural experience for Danish students. Activities with a focus on the environment or sustainability are preferred. Proposals are not limited to campus or Madison-based activities, so feel free to be creative. If there are costs related to your proposal, please note them.

  11. How have you demonstrated a commitment to sustainability through your course of study, work or volunteering?
  12. Please upload your UW Student Record (which is your unoffical transcript). You can get this required document by going to your Student Center, My Academics, Request Student Record. The Student record will then be emailed to you and you can save and upload to your application.
  13. Please upload your resume which should include your work experiences, volunteer activities and campus involvements.
  14. Please provide the name and email address of a reference for a Letter of Recommendation. Your Letter of Recommendation must be from a University faculty/staff member or a work/volunteer supervisor who can speak about your commitment to the environment and sustainability. The written Letter of Recommendation is due no later than the scholarship application deadline, Septermber 25, 2023. Please provide your recommender adequate time to submit their Letter of Recommendation by the deadline date. No exceptions will be made to this deadline.
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