Eric Flanagan Award

Eric Flanagan established the Eric Flanagan Award to recognize and support students who excel both in the classroom and in volunteerism and community service. Community service has always played a central role in Eric’s life; the students who receive this award will have demonstrated a similar dedication to serving those in need during their time as a student.

Eric attended UW–Madison as an international student receiving both his bachelor’s degree ’09 and master’s degree ’10 in Rehabilitation Psychology in the School of Education. He was a 2009 Meyerhoff Award winner in International Student Services.

Eligibility Criteria
An undergraduate student who is a declared EPS Certificate or Education Studies Major and has demonstrated a commitment to community service during their time as a student. Must be enrolled in Fall 2024 to be eligible.

Application Information
To match to, apply for, and accept this scholarship, login to the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH) using your UW–Madison NetID and password. Complete the general scholarship application and the educational policy studies scholarship application.

School of Education
Supplemental Questions
  1. (Flanagan) Please provide a description of all community service or community-based learning experiences. Provide dates and locations, and indicate whether the experience was within a course or outside of course work.
  2. (Flanagan) Please provide of list of courses you have taken in EPS, the name of the instructor, and the titles of any special projects or papers you completed in these courses.
  3. (Flanagan) Please list any other academic courses you have taken or experiences you have had that are relevant to the award's focus on service and learning.
  4. (Flanagan) Please upload an unofficial transcript.