CALS Study Abroad Scholarships for Summer/Fall

The CALS Study Abroad Program awards scholarships to CALS students participating in CALS and UW Madison study abroad and internship abroad programs.

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CALS Study Abroad
Supplemental Questions
  1. Program Information
    • 01. Please indicate the duration you are applying to study abroad:
    • 02. Please enter the name of your study abroad/away/internship program. If it is a UW Study Abroad program, please copy the exact program name from
    • 03. In what country is your program located?
    • 04. Will you be participating in an internship while abroad?
    • 05. If yes, please elaborate on the academic focus of your internship duties. If no, please enter “NA”.
    • 06. If you are pursuing a track, option, or specialization within your CALS degree, please indicate that here (e.g. Food and Bioprocess Engineering in BSE, or Plant Biology Option in Biology). If not, please enter “NA”.
    • 07. Have you ever traveled outside of the United States for any type of international study/academic experience?
    • 08. If yes, please briefly describe your past international study/academic experince. If no, please enter “NA”.
  2. Conditions of Scholarship
    • 01. If you are selected to receive CALS Study Abroad scholarship funds, it may be expected that you help with promotion of the program by sharing your experiences with prospective students, including submitting 3 photos and a final reflection on your program experience. I have read and agree to the conditions stated.
  3. Scholarship Essays

    CALS Study Abroad Scholarships are awarded to CALS students pursuing UW-approved study abroad programs and are made possible by generous donors. The scholarships are given out as part of the following two funds:
    1. General Funds

      These funds assist students in easing the financial burden of studying abroad and grant students equal access to an opportunity for financial assistance. These funds have the broadest eligibility requirements of all our scholarships. This scholarship is not need or merit-based, and awards are granted on the strength of a student’s essay.

    2. Financial Need Funds

      These funds are intended to ease the financial barrier of study abroad for students with significant financial need as well as increase representation of students with financial need on study abroad programs. To be considered for these funds, students must have an EFC of less than $15,000. These funds are not merit based and awards are granted based on the strength of a student’s essay.

    If a student receives a scholarship as part of the General Funds, they cannot also receive scholarships part of the Financial Need Funds.
    • 01. All students applying for CALS Study Abroad Scholarship funds must respond to the following question: What motivated you to select your particular study abroad program? Address any academic, professional, and/or personal goals that were part of your decision, and expand on one or more of them.
    • 02. Would you like to be considered for Financial Need Funds?
    • 03. If you would like to be considered for Financial Need Funds, please elaborate on the specifics of the financial circumstances impacting your and/or your family's ability to pay for study abroad. Discuss what financial planning strategies you will use and/or steps you have already taken to pay for study abroad. Be as specific as possible. Your responses will remain confidential. If you don’t want to be considered, enter N/A.