Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF) application

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF) was created to ensure that the United States would maintain its leadership in science and technology by supporting some of the very best science, technology, engineering and math college students. This is the application form for a very prestigious external scholarship program that will be funded by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation; the ASF will select the final recipients.

Eligibility: An applicant for the Astronaut Scholarship must be a citizen of the United States, either native born or naturalized, and must be at least a sophomore applying for their junior year, or a junior applying to receive a scholarship for their senior year. They must be enrolled in one of the participating universities in the Scholarship Program (UW-Madison is a participating university). Additionally, nominated students must be enrolled for both semesters as a full-time student for the ASF-supported academic year.

Applicants must be seeking a STEM degree with intentions to pursue research or advance their field upon completion of their final degrees. Students intending to pursue a practice in professional medicine are not eligible for the scholarship. However, those intending to perform biomedical research are eligible. STEM-eligible degrees can be found in this pdf link:

Nomination Criteria:
1) Must be nominated by faculty at an ASF affiliated university or institution.

2) Must be nominated for consideration by a professor or faculty member who knows the student well enough to identify a special drive or talent that foreshadows a creative career leading to the advancement of scientific knowledge and technology.

3) Must be a STEM major going into junior or senior year (STEM Designated Degrees) Note: Special consideration is NOT given to aeronautical/astronautical engineering students or those intending to pursue careers as astronauts.

4) Must be a U.S. citizen (verified by birth certificate, US passport, or naturalization papers).

5) Must have completed two years of full-time study at an ASF affiliated university or institution and demonstrated exemplary academic performance, as noted in transcripts (Note: Students may be nominated during their second year of full-time study, for a scholarship that will begin in the third year.)

6) Should be a full-time student during both semesters of the ASF supported academic year to receive the full scholarship, which is up to $15,000.

7) Must have conducted a considerable amount of work outside the classroom in their chosen field of study. This may include laboratory research, cooperative education, internships, relevant military experience, entrepreneurial endeavors, and/or documented independent work resulting in technical papers, patents, or similar work product.

Application Process:
The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation only accepts nominations for the Astronaut Scholarship from its affiliated and participating universities. If a student is interested in being nominated, they should contact a member of their university’s faculty regarding consideration.

Students nominated for the scholarship will need to assist the nominating faculty member with the following:
– Ensure eligibility requirements are met,
– Provide two letters of recommendation,
– Provide a personal statement,
– Provide a copy of academic transcripts,
– Provide a C.V. or resume.

Deadline to submit all required documentation is February 29, 2024. If you are qualified to apply for this scholarship, the application will be visible in your WiSH portal as a recommended opportunity.

Questions about the ASF scholarship? Please contact

College of Engineering
Supplemental Questions
  1. ASF: Please indicate the name and title of the faculty member who is nominating you for this scholarship.
  2. ASF: What is the STEM Department or Academic Program of your faculty nominator?
  3. ASF: Are you related to the faculty/staff member who is nominating you?
  4. ASF: Are you related to any other faculty or staff on campus?
    • ASF: Are you related to any other faculty or staff on campus?
    • If yes, please state what department or academic program that family member is in.
  5. ASF: What is your Research Area or Field of Research
  6. ASF: What will be your Academic Status in Fall 2024?
  7. ASF: What is your Age?
  8. ASF: What is your Gender identity?
  9. ASF: What is your Race/Ethnicity?
  10. ASF: When is your expected graduation term from your degree program?
  11. ASF: Letter of Reference #1: Name and Email of Address of faculty member who will write your FIRST letter of reference. This can be a professor you have taken classes with.
  12. ASF: Letter of Reference #2: Name and Email address of your SECOND letter of reference. This MUST be a professor who has worked with you OUTSIDE the classroom.
  13. ASF: Please Upload a One-Page Personal Statement
  14. ASF: Please Upload your Resume or C.V.
  15. ASF: Please Upload your most recent Academic Transcript
  16. ASF: Please Upload your Proof of Citizenship (scan of birth certificate, passport, naturalization papers, etc.)
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