School of Veterinary Medicine - Advanced Opportunity Fellowship Application

The Advanced Opportunity Fellowships (AOF) are funded by the State of Wisconsin to assist disadvantaged and/or minority students who are enrolled full-time in the professional program.

Awards must be given to U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Awards should be given to qualified resident minority and other eligible resident disadvantaged non-minority students before making awards to eligible non-resident students.

Students may qualify as disadvantaged and may be eligible for fellowship money if they meet any one or more of the following criteria:

  • Students from the following racial/ethnic groups: a) African American or Black; b) American Indian or Alaskan Native; c) Hispanic/Latino; d) Cambodian, Vietnamese, Laotian, or Hmong; e) Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander; f) Asian
  • Family received some form of public assistance, including eligibility (not necessarily acceptance) for the school lunch program; this demonstrates long standing and extreme financial need (from childhood to the present)
  • First-generation college students who have participated in special services for disadvantaged students, such as Upward Bound, Trio, Talent Search, Educational Opportunity Centers, Student Support Services, or PEOPLE Program graduate

Supplemental Questions
  1. Applicant Information
    • 1. Ethnic Background
    • 2. a) Country of birth:
    • 2. b) Current Country of Citizenship:
    • 2. c) Permanent USA Resident:
    • 2. d) Visa Type
    • 2. e) Previous Country of Citizenship
    • 3. a) Country of Residence:
    • 3. b) For tuition purposes, are you considered a Wisconsin-resident student or a non-resident student?
    • 3. c) If you are considered a non-resident student for tuition purposes, what is your state of legal residence?
  2. Parents/Family Information
    • 1. Last year claimed as dependent by parents:
    • 2. a) Parents will support in 2023-2024:
    • 2. b) Approximate Contribution:
    • 2. c) How the money is to be appropriated:
    • 3. a) Parent #1 Name:
    • 3. b) Highest Education level for Parent #1:
    • 3. c) Highest Degree for Parent #1:
    • 3. d) Occupation of Parent #1:
    • 4. a) Parent #2 Name:
    • 4. b) Highest Education level for Parent #2:
    • 4. c) Highest Degree for Parent #2:
    • 4. d) Occupation of Parent #2:
    • 5. a) Number of dependents your parents have:
    • 5. b) Names, ages, and schools of all dependents (parent's dependents):
    • 6. a) Family received public assistance:
    • 6. b) Assistance programs received and lengths of assistance:
    • 7. a) Participated in special services for disadvantaged student programs:
    • 7. b) Please tell us the names of any programs you were a part of and the lengths of time involved in each program:
    • 8, b) Names, ages, and schools of all dependents (your dependents):
    • 8. a) Number of dependents you have:
  3. Special Circumstances:
    • 1. Please share any circumstances that should be taken into account such as long-term social/financial disadvantage, first-generation college student status, medical and/or family difficulties, and other hardships.
    • 2. Discuss how being disadvantaged and/or a minority student with financial need has impacted your educational path.
    • 3. Total cumulative educational debt: