Thaxton Fellowship

Hubert Mack Thaxton MA’36, PhD’38 studied nuclear physics for his graduate work at UW-Madison, making significant contributions to the understanding of proton-proton scattering. He went on to a distinguished career in physics research, engineering, and education. Thaxton was the fourth African American to receive a PhD in physics in the United States.

To provide more equitable access to physics research experiences for undergraduates, the University of Wisconsin–Madison Physics Department announces the Hubert Mack Thaxton Fellowship for this academic year. Participating students will collaborate with a faculty mentor in the UW–Madison Physics Department on a research project aligned with the students’ interests. The program is designed to help participating students prepare for graduate education and/or other careers in physics and related fields.

Undergraduate students seeking physics research experience at UW-Madison are encouraged to apply; students from underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply. No prior research experience is needed. Participating students do not need to have a declared physics major and do not need to have a specific faculty mentor identified in advance to apply.

up to $3,750 per year
Department of Physics
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