Outstanding Creative Media Project Award

The Outstanding Creative Media Project Award provides a one-time award to an English major recognizing the outstanding use of creative media in an English course to express ideas in unique ways, to re-imagine the work of English studies, and to take advantage of the opportunities of emerging media. Selected projects will demonstrate an understanding of how creative media allow for innovative modes of expression, communication, and persuasion. Submission must contain a cover page and be submitted in PDF format

Apply for the Outstanding Creative Media Project Award by using your campus NetID and password and clicking on the Sign In button on the top-right corner of this screen.

Student financial aid packages can be impacted by scholarship awards and prizes. It is recommended that students contact the financial aid office to learn about impact on current aid packages prior to applying.

For more general information or questions contact Erin Polnaszek Boyd, Undergraduate Advisor, at erin.polnaszek.boyd@wisc.edu.

Department of English
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you produced or completed a creative media piece/project for an English course?
  2. Please write in the name and number of the English course for which this creative media project was completed.
  3. Please provide the context from which your project was created. Briefly describe the assignment for which the project was created, including whether it was constructed in response to a specific prompt or to address assignment directions. For example, were you assigned a particular theme, passage, text, or a problem, research questions, or data set.
  4. I understand that a cover sheet for my uploaded project or paper must include my full name, my year in school, the course name and number for which the paper or project was written; the instructor's name; and the title of the paper or project. I further understand that my project and cover sheet must be uploaded in PDF format.
  5. Please upload your project with cover page here in PDF format. Provide the full URL link to the project if it is available online.
  6. (L&S) I authorize the release of information contained in my student records at University of Wisconsin-Madison to the appropriate scholarship selection committee for the purpose of evaluation and scholarship award selection. This can include high school, other institution, and UW-Madison course and grade information; UW-Madison academic and non-academic actions; test scores; admissions application content and financial aid information.
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