Educational Policy Studies Graduate Awards

This application is for SIX Education Policy Studies graduate awards/scholarships. Two of the awards include requests for funding and require an itemized budget, while four of the awards are grouped together and do not require a budget. Please read the descriptions below to understand eligibility criteria and application requirements for awards, and then once in the application, please read Help Text information very carefully. Students are not required to submit a response for items in the application that are not relevant to them (e.g., if NOT applying for Metz support, there is no need to submit a budget); however, for every award that a student wishes to be considered for, ALL materials must be submitted to be considered for the award.

Metz Fund for Students’ Professional Expenses: The purpose of the Metz Fund is to provide modest financial support to graduate students in the Department of Educational Policy Studies for expenses (up to $500) that will help them develop as scholars and enable them to do research. These funds may be used for traditional professional expenses related to students’ development as scholars – such as computer software, transcribers or translators, and attending professional conferences. In recognition of Professor Metz’s encouragement for students to work out their interrelated lives as scholars, researchers, and as family members, funds may also be used for expenses necessary to free students’ time from family responsibilities for study and scholarship, such as child/elder care expenses. Please note that within the award criteria mentioned above, students with need support for family responsibilities in order to free them for study and scholarship will receive first consideration. Application materials: answers to brief questions in the application, a CV, a 1-2 page document detailing financial request, an itemized budget.

Andreas Kazamias Award: Dr. Andreas Kazamias was a Professor in Educational Policy Studies for many years. His life work is dedicated to comparative and humanistic scholarship. The award in his honor is given every spring to an EPS graduate student who will use it to do comparative and/or humanistic research, with a preference for work done on an educational topic outside the United States. The actual amount of the award will be determined by the committee based on availability of funds in a given year (requests may be made of up to $1,000). Application materials: answers to brief questions in the application, a CV, a 1-2 page document detailing how financial award will aid in research, an itemized budget.

The following four awards will be grouped in the application; students will need to provide the following materials only ONCE to be eligible for any of the four awards: answers to brief questions in the application, a CV, a writing sample demonstrating excellence (more details in application).

John R. Palmer: This graduate fellowship was established by colleagues and former students of John Palmer, dean of the School of Education from 1975-1991. John Palmer joined the faculty at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1966 where he held appointments with the Departments of History, Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Policy Studies. The fellowship is given each spring to a student in Educational Policy Studies who has demonstrated academic excellence and extraordinary professional promise. The amount of the award will be determined by the committee based on availability of funds in a given year.

Sterling Fishman Memorial Award: Sterling Fishman was a graduate of the University of Wisconsin–Madison who taught here for many years in the departments of Educational Policy Studies and History. Sterling was dedicated to historical and humanistic scholarship. The award will honor the memory of a colleague of great distinction in the history of education.

Herbert Kliebard Award: This award was created to honor the distinguished career and contributions of Dr. Herbert Kliebard, Emeritus Professor in the School of Education, Department of Educational Policy Studies. The award will be given to an EPS graduate student who exemplifies outstanding scholarly achievement in the field of Educational Policy Studies.

Virginia Landwehr Award: This scholarship was established by Alice D. Mortenson to honor her cousin, Virginia Landwehr. Virginia was a proud alumna of University of Wisconsin–Madison earning her Master’s degree in Education and Speech in the School of Education in 1961. Virginia supported graduate education at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Alice is also a proud alumna of the University of Wisconsin–Madison earning her Bachelor’s degree in History in the College of Letters and Science in 1962.

If you have questions about these awards or this application, please direct them to Kristin Dalby,

School of Education
Supplemental Questions
  1. (EPS-GRAD) Please upload a current curriculum vitae.
  2. (EPS-GRAD) Which scholarship/awards are you applying for?
  3. (EPS-GRAD) If you are applying to the Metz and/or Kazamias financial support funds, you MUST include a budget. READ HELP TEXT CAREFULLY to make sure you understand what you need to submit.
  4. (EPS-GRAD) If you are applying for the Herbert Kliebard, John R. Palmer, Sterling Fishman, and/or the Virginia Landwehr Award, you must include a writing sample.
  5. (EPS-GRAD) Do you currently have dissertator status?
  6. (EPS-GRAD) If you do not currently have dissertator status, when do you predict you will?
  7. (EPS-GRAD) Do you plan to be enrolled in credits in the summer of 2023?
  8. (EPS-GRAD) What is your current degree goal?
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