Chinese Language Learners Bridge Fund Scholarship

The CLLBF Annual Spring Scholarship recognizes one non-native Mandarin speaker for their passion and commitment to bridging language and culture, both inside and outside the classroom. The scholarship recognizes a student declared in the Chinese major or Chinese professional communication certificate. The Chinese faculty from the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures will review applications.

1. Student must be a non-native speaker (someone who is not only him- or herself not a native speaker, nor someone who grew up in the home of native-speaker parents),
2. a cum GPA of 3.0 or above.

The Application should reflect the below qualities:
• A strong foundation in Mandarin Chinese in reading, writing, listening and speaking,
• Dedication and passion to learning the language and understanding of Chinese culture.
• A proven ability to create bridges between UW-Madison and China, through knowledge sharing and/or friendships inside and outside the classroom.
• A clear intention to utilize their language skills post-graduation.
• Clarification on how the scholarship funds will be used (i.e., China study abroad program, private tutoring, or any other immersive activity).

Supplemental Questions
  1. Major(s) & Certificate(s), please note college if not L&S:
  2. Expected Graduation Date
  3. Upload your Resume