Artivism Student Action Program (ASAP) - Fall

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$100-$750 for Individual Projects; $100-$1,500 for Collaborative Projects
Division of the Arts
Supplemental Questions
    • 1. Student Applicant Name(s):
    • 2. Registered Student Organization Name (if applicable):
    • 3. Primary Applicant Contact - Phone:
    • 4. Primary Applicant Contact – Email/s:
  2. Project Title:
  3. Location of Project:
  4. Date(s) of Project:
  5. Amount Requested (awards range from $100 to $1,500 with a maximum of up to $750 for individuals)
  6. What is the project’s anticipated total budget?
  7. Is the project a new or on-going initiative?
  8. What permits are necessary from UW-Madison, facilities, or local agencies?
  9. individual ($100-$750 possible award)
    • Are you applying as an individual?
    • As an individual, do you receive financial aid?
  10. group ($100-$1,500 possible award)
    • Are you applying in collaboration with a student organization or group project?
  11. Clearly explain what your project is, any issue(s) it addresses, and how the arts will be used through it to advance more Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable, and Accessible community practices:
  12. Briefly describe why your project is important:
  13. Briefly describe how your ASAP grant will be spent, and how your project will be implemented and promoted:
  14. Briefly describe who you and any key collaborators are (if applicable):
  15. How will you know if your project was successful?
  16. Please note any other information or considerations you feel to be important:
  17. Optional attachments
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    • upload #5
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