Mary L. Schneider Occupational Therapy Scholarship

This scholarship was created to honor Dr. Mary L. Schneider. Dr Schneider received her B.S. in occupational therapy in 1973 from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and worked as an occupational therapist for several years. She received a master’s and PhD in developmental psychology from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1984 and 1987, respectively, and joined the UW–Madison faculty in 1987 as an assistant professor in occupational therapy. She later became the Director of the Occupational Therapy Program at UW–Madison. She now is a professor emerita of Kinesiology and Psychology.

Eligibility Criteria
Scholarship to support students in the Department of Kinesiology’s Occupational Therapy Program. The scholarship will be awarded annually to a student in the Occupational Therapy Program who has financial need. The Donor prefers that recipients have an interest in research in the occupational therapy field.

Application Information
To match to, apply for, and accept scholarships, students login to the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH) using their UW–Madison NetID and password. Complete the general application and all recommended applications that follow to be considered for the widest variety of scholarship opportunities. For this specific scholarship, be sure to complete the Occupational Therapy Scholarship Application.

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