Department of Economics General Scholarship Application

Department of Economics Scholarships
The Department of Economics General Scholarship Application will match students with all department awards that they qualify for. The department is pleased to offer numerous awards this fall ranging from around $250 – $10,000.

Eligibility Criteria
These scholarships are available to degree-seeking UW-Madison undergraduate students who are majoring in Economics. Students are evaluated using donor criteria and the Department of Economics’ criteria. In order to be eligible for a scholarship, students must have at least one semester remaining after the semester in which they apply. Students are only eligible if they are graduating in Spring 2024 or later.

Application Process
The application will open on August 21, 2023. The deadline to submit completed applications is October 1, 2023. To be considered for this opportunity, log in and complete the General Application on your WiSH Dashboard as well as the Department of Economics General Scholarship Application. The Department of Economics will contact you via email if you are selected as a recipient.

Conditions of Award
Students must be in and maintain good standing at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. In addition, recipients are required to submit a thank-you letter for the donor and to consent to have their name, photo, and scholarship information publicly displayed on the Economics Department’s website.

For more information about the Department of Economics Scholarships, visit Econ Undergraduate Scholarships.

$250 - $10,000
Department of Economics
Supplemental Questions
  1. Will you be enrolled as a full time student during the Spring 2024 term?
  2. Will you be enrolled as a full time student during the Fall 2024 term?
  3. When do you expect to graduate? For example, if you expect to graduate in May 2024, you should write "Spring 2024". If you expect to graduate in December 2024, you should write "Fall 2024". If you expect to graduate in August 2024, you should write "Summer 2024".
  4. Have you completed Econ 301 or Econ 311?
  5. Have you completed Econ 302 or Econ 312?
  6. What is your overall economics major GPA? Check your current DARS run as an Economics major. Access how to run DARS report.
  7. Describe your financial need. Include a summary of your personal contributions to your college expenses, parental or family contributions to your college expenses, any other scholarships or financial aid you receive, and unique circumstances affecting your ability to pay tuition/expenses at this university.
  8. Do you currently have a part-time job? If so, please tell us a little about the job you are working while in school here. Hours, wages, responsibilities...whatever you think bears on the job's impact on you as a student and/or your future career choices.
  9. Tell us, briefly, what makes you a good candidate for a scholarship in Economics. Examples might include: career plans, descriptions of relevant courses taken outside of the Economics Department, particular accomplishments related to economics, summer or part-time jobs that involve economics.
  10. Please describe any academic honors you have received.
  11. (Optional) Do you hold any personal identities you would like to share with our review committee? We ask this to provide another way for our committee get a fuller idea of who you are and your story. (i.e., gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, first-generation college student, etc.)
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