Dr. Robert M. and Alice K. Senty Enhancement Fund - CPC

This award is created in loving memory of Dr. Robert M. Senty, MD ‘47 a long-time community preceptor in Sheboygan, and Mrs. Alice Senty ’46, both of whom are proud UW Madison alumni. Dr. Senty, loved the practice of medicine and was mindful of each patient’s (and their family’s) physical and emotional needs; and he willingly shared his experience and expertise. As a Preceptor for UW medical students, he, along with his wife Alice built a personal relationship with each student and brought them into their home and family life. The Senty family greatly enjoyed being a part of each student’s medical experience in Sheboygan. The financial status of Dr. Senty’s students was uneven with some arriving with lesser means. Dr. Senty addressed those needs while mentoring and held the focus on the spirit of healing and the practice of good medicine. In that spirit, this award is offered.

The award assists with the transport costs of rotating at distant (30 minutes or more away from a student’s home site for a Period) community-based sites in Chronic and Preventive Care, in particular sites that do not provide housing. Each year awards for transportation costs of up to $150 each are available to deserving students.

Please note – all awards are processed via the Bursar’s office, so if students have any outstanding balances on their accounts, this award will function as debt reduction.

Preference will be given to students:
• With financial need
• At sites farther from students’ residences

Supplemental Questions
  1. How will (or did) working at a CPC site distant from Madison benefit you in preparing for residency and clinical practice?
  2. How would a reduction in housing or travel costs impact your ability to pursue this educational experience?