David Dewitt Undergraduate Scholarship

Each year, the CS Department awards multiple David DeWitt Scholarships to recognize academic excellence among undergraduate Computer Sciences Majors. Each award is worth $8000, and students must be continuing in the UW undergraduate CS program next year (not graduating or transferring in the current semester). The primary criteria for this award is academic excellence.

Supplemental Questions
  1. (CS) Please upload your most up-to-date UW-Madison unofficial transcript here. For instructions on how to do this, go to:

    Request unofficial transcript

  2. (CS) Please upload a recent resume or C.V. here.
  3. In order to be considered for the David Dewitt Undergraduate Scholarship, letters of reference are required. Please provide the name and email addresses for 2-3 references that we will contact to provide a paragraph supporting your application. At least one reference should be affiliated with the Computer Sciences department at UW-Madison (faculty, staff) but other references can be employers or professional connections.
    • References
  4. Please upload a document explaining how you have demonstrated academic excellence in computer science. Please limit yourself to 500 words.
  5. Please upload a document describing your passion for computer sciences. You may refer to your background, career goals or computer science-related activities, or anything else to convey your interest in computer science. Please limit yourself to 500 words.
  6. (CS) Is there any other information the Scholarships Committee should know about you pertaining to the review and assessment of your application? This is your opportunity to tell us about any extenuating circumstances (financial or otherwise), challenges, identity and/or family experiences and history, exceptional talents or accomplishments, or other factors that are not contained in other areas of the application that may impact its review. The department of Computer Science values diversity of all kinds and we welcome you to share information about communities with which you identify. Please be specific when presenting the additional information while honoring your need for privacy and discretion.
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