IPSO Scholarship

The IPSO scholarship will be awarded to a student with a dedication and interest in practicing Intellectual Property law. The IPSO scholarship was raised by current members of the Intellectual Property Student Organization to further the organization’s mission of supporting law students interested in learning about the study and practice of IP. This scholarship is open to all first and second year UW Law students who have a demonstrable interest in pursuing a career in any of the areas of copyright, trademark, or patent law.

To be eligible for this award, you must:
• Be a full-time, first- or second-year UW Law student in good academic standing
• Demonstrate a strong interest in Intellectual Property Law

Law School
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you enrolled as a full-time student?
  2. In which year of law school are you currently?
  3. Please describe your interest in practicing intellectual property law and what type of intellectual property law interests you.
  4. State a resource or event provided by IPSO that aided you in your intellectual property learning or career growth.
  5. If you would like to further explain how you meet the scholarship criteria or share other relevant information, you may do so here. (This question is NOT required).
  6. Please upload your current resume. Be sure your name is written near the top of the document.
  7. Please upload your current unofficial law school transcript prepared by the Office of Career and Professional Development. (This question is required, unless you have not yet completed your first semester of law school. If you have not yet completed your first semester of law school, please do not upload a file.)
  8. By applying for this scholarship, you authorize the Law School Office of Admissions & Financial Aid to disclose your name to the UW Law Intellectual Property Student Organization if you are selected as the recipient of this scholarship.
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