Andrea Michelle Sperka Scholarship

This scholarship, made possible by the generosity of Michael T. and Carol L. Sperka, honors the memory of Andrea Michelle Sperka. Andrea was a senior in 2007 when she was tragically killed in an automobile accident in Botswana after completing her studies abroad at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Throughout her undergraduate years, Andrea carried a demanding academic schedule while working to help meet her educational costs.

In addition, Andrea often served as a volunteer, working with homeless children in Madison and in a township in South Africa. Andrea said, “Studying sociology helped me better understand the impact of a person’s conditions on their life chances…” She also acknowledged, “My sociology degree has challenged my pre-existing ideas about society and individuals, and made me confident in my ability to question the world around me and realize the possibility for change.”

Eligibility Criteria
Open to Juniors and Seniors majoring in Sociology.

Selection Criteria
Applicants should show a commitment to working on behalf of others (through paid employment or volunteer service) and academic merit.

Conditions of Award
Applicants must submit a personal statement and a writing sample from a UW-Madison Sociology course. In addition, someone at your service venue must provide a recommendation that speaks about your service experience.

Varies (minimum $500)
Department of Sociology
Supplemental Questions
  1. Will you be a Junior or a Senior in the next Academic Year? (From Fall 2024 through Summer 2025.)
  2. Please tell the committee about your community service activities and how the study of sociology has informed that work. (500-750 words)
  3. Please upload a copy of a writing sample completed in a Sociology class at UW-Madison. Be sure to indicate the course number and title, and the semester the class was taken. Please use one of these formats: PDF, Word, or Rich Text.
  4. Please provide the name and contact information for a reference who can speak to your community service.