George E. Shook International/Study Abroad Scholarship

Shortly after receiving his graduate degree from UW-Madison, Emeritus Professor Dr. George E. Shook MS ’65, PhD ’67 joined the faculty of the Dairy Science department. A passionate mentor, Dr. Shook provided guidance to other faculty and staff, and advised graduate and undergraduate students. He served as the chair of the Department of Dairy Science for six years. Dr. Shook revolutionized the field of dairy genetics with his research on somatic cell testing which led to a national genetic evaluation system for dairy herds, based on a standardized somatic cell score. Established with gifts from friends and colleagues, the George E. Shook International/Study Abroad Scholarship honors Dr. Shook’s many accomplishments, and assists undergraduate students participating in international study abroad experiences.

FAFSA required prior to awarding decisions

Eligibility Criteria
Awarded to undergraduate students in CALS who are studying abroad or participating in international internships. Major eligibility in order of preference: Dairy Science, Animal Science, Agronomy; Food Science; Horticulture and Soil Science. Recipient must be in good academic standing.

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