John Dolan & Google Data Science Scholarship

John Dolan, Psychology Department Board of Visitors and Head of Enterprise AI Solutions & Sales at Google generously donated funds to create a scholarship with Google matching his contribution.

“AI/ML will drive so many benefits in so many areas – business, health, personal – and we are at just the beginning of tapping its vast potential. Identifying patterns in human behavior to improve outcomes is key. I see it across so many facets in what I do at Google, I could not be more excited to help the department launch the program and enable the next wave of Data Scientist.” – John Dolan

The scholarship in the Data Science in Human Behavior MS, Dolan Data Science Award is intended to be awarded to high-achieving students from around the world. Businesses, like Google, are looking for behavioral data scientists and there are very few programs dedicated to cultivated these essential skills.

The Dolan Data Science award ranges from $1,000-$6,000 per term.

In order to apply for this award, you must first submit your DSHB master’s program application.

Recommendation letters are optional for the DSHB program application, however a recommendation letter is required for this award. You may submit your recommendation letter either within the graduate school application or this scholarship award application.

Data Science in Human Behavior
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you submitted your application to the DSHB master's program through
  2. Please provide a statement of purpose sharing: Tell us about a personal achievement that makes you proud. Share a data science project or course that you were involved with and what excited you about it. What do you hope to gain from the DSHB master’s program?
  3. Have you submitted your recommendation letter(s)?
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