Student Research Grants Competition - Conference Presentation

This competition includes awards for graduate students travelling to present research at a conference. If you are traveling for other research purposes, you are not eligible for this award. Please fill out the separate Student Research Grants Competition – Research Travel application for that type of travel.

Conference presentation travel beginning between October 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022 is eligible for this award. There will be separate application cycles for January-March 2023 and April-June 2023. Please visit our program site and carefully read through the information presented regarding Conference Presentation funds before applying. Included is information on deadlines throughout the year, eligibility, award levels, FAQs, and more.

Note that some expenses, such as airfare, are only eligible for reimbursement if purchased through UW-Madison’s Concur platform. Most other allowable expenses are reimbursable whether or not Concur is used. These restrictions are noted in the application.

$600 or $1200
The Graduate School
Supplemental Questions
  1. Applicants can apply for SRGC awards multiple times in one fiscal year (July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024), but can only be awarded once. Have you been awarded an SRGC award for either conference travel or research during the current fiscal year?
  2. Have you received an SRGC award for conference or research travel in a prior fiscal year? If so, please indicate the semester, year, and award amount.
  3. What is your current student status?
  4. What is your current academic degree program?
  5. What academic division are you in?
  6. Which of the following options best describes your enrollment?
  7. What is the name of the conference or conferences at which you plan to present?
  8. Please list your start and end dates of travel in the MM/DD/YYYY format. Note that travel must start between July 1, 2023 and September 30, 2023 to be eligible for funding in the current cycle. For information on future cycles, please visit
  9. Please explain the research work you will conduct during this time period and how the proposed project will help you complete your dissertation and develop professionally.
  10. CONFERENCE ONLY: Provide the documentation you received from conference organizers confirming your presentation’s acceptance. Email acceptance, converted to a PDF, is an acceptable form of confirmation. If applying to present at multiple conferences, please merge all acceptances into a single PDF file.
  11. CONFERENCE ONLY: Please enter the abstract(s) for your conference presentation(s). We recommend pasting the exact text of the abstract as it appears in the conference program or your proposal.
  12. Please list the URL for the website of the conference you plan to attend.
  13. What is the cost of your airfare in US dollars? Please note that, per university policy, all airfare must be purchased through Concur to be reimbursable. If you did not purchase your airfare through Concur, list $0 in this space.
  14. CONFERENCE ONLY: What is the cost of your conference registration, in US dollars?
  15. What is the estimated cost of ground transportation in US dollars? This may be one or a combination of: mileage in personal vehicle (see rates at, car rental, public transit, taxi or rideshare, and parking expenses. Note that rental cars must be purchased through Concur to be reimbursable.
  16. What is the cost of lodging for your trip in US dollars? Maximum lodging rates can be calculated by visiting and clicking on the “Lodging Max and Meal Rate Calculator” button. Please list either the maximum rate or actual lodging costs, whichever is lower. (Conference applicants only: You may request more than the maximum rate only if that lodging rate has been arranged by the conference organizers.)
  17. What is the cost of meals and incidental expenses (i.e. per diem) for your trip in US dollars? Meal rates can be calculated by visiting and clicking on the “Lodging Max and Meal Rate Calculator” button. Please enter the exact total produced by the calculator.
  18. Are you requesting funding for any other travel expenses not listed above? If so, describe them below and list the amount for each. Please note that the following expenses are never reimbursable: trip insurance, flight insurance, fines/penalties, participant support costs, and expenses for others (e.g. dependents or colleagues).
  19. If you feel that any of the expenses listed above need further justification, please explain here. Additionally, use this space to explain the basis of your calculations and rationale for the transportation or lodging options you selected. If your conference lodging rate exceeds the maximum rate set by UW-Madison, please state that below.
  20. Have you sought or received any additional funds to cover this travel? If so, please explain below.
  21. Please submit the name and email address of your faculty advisor or PI for this travel grant. We may contact them for confirmation of your plans. No formal letter of recommendation is required.
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