Kinesiology Undergraduate Scholarship Application

Kinesiology Undergraduate Scholarship Application: Completion of this application will qualify a student for all Kinesiology department scholarships the student is eligible for. Students are required to maintain full-time status in order to be eligible for scholarship awards. Eligible students include those currently classified as Health Promotion and Health Equity, Physical Education, Pre-Physical Education, Kinesiology and Pre-Kinesiology (if you are currently in the process of applying to the program).

For questions about the application, please contact

Department of Kinesiology, School of Education
Supplemental Questions
  1. (KNS-U) List post-high school activities and organizations in which you have participated which are directly connected with your chosen field of study (i.e. kinesiology, physical education, health promotion and health equity). Include volunteer experiences outside of and beyond curriculum requirements.
  2. (KNS-U) Please give a personal statement of your educational and professional goals.
  3. Is there any additional information you would like the scholarship committee to consider that is not included elsewhere in the application? Examples may include unique circumstances (financial or otherwise), personal challenges, identity and/or family experiences/history, exceptional talents, accomplishments or awards.
  4. (KNS-U) The term and year I expect to graduate:
  5. Program
  6. (KNS-U) Please upload an unofficial copy of your UW-Madison transcript.
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