Mary Conway Pursue Your Passion Scholarship Fund

Mary Conway and her husband, Kenneth Baldwin Jr., created this scholarship fund for the purpose of supporting undergraduate students pursuing the areas of journalism and mass communication to honor her family’s legacy at the university and her personal affiliation with the school.

FAFSA required prior to awarding decisions. Preference in selection is given to journalism students who are Wisconsin residents and have financial need. If this criteria is unmet, the scholarship may be awarded to a journalism student who shows outstanding academic merit.

Eligibility Criteria
Only School of Journalism and Mass Communication majors are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The application to apply for this and all other School of Journalism and Mass Communication scholarships is open the first two weeks of every December. Please visit our website for additional information on how to apply.

About the process: Students do not apply for individual scholarships with the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Students fill out one application and the scholarship committee matches students to awards. Scholarships are awarded based on financial need, academics, study area and involvement. Visit our website for more information about our undergraduate scholarship program and accessing our application.

Who is eligible to apply?
Declared School of Journalism and Mass Communication majors
Seniors graduating in the spring or summer terms

Who is not eligible to apply?
Seniors graduating in December of the current term

Donor Information
Mary Conway is a 1978 graduate of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, a member of the school’s Board of Visitors, and the proud recipient of the 2008 school’s Distinguished Service Award. A veteran reporter with WXYZ Channel 7 News in Detroit, Mary has covered local and international news, consistently tackling issues that give a voice to people who might otherwise go unheard. Much of Mary’s focus has been on covering business primarily the automotive industry. Mary grew up in Janesville and is the youngest of six children who all graduated from the UW-Madison. Throughout her expansive career, Mary has covered major figures ranging from Nelson Mandela, to every president since Gerald Ford. Mary has been honored with numerous awards for her outstanding career in television.

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