Felice Michaels Levin Scholarship Fund for Mathematics

The Felice Michaels Levin Scholarship Fund for Mathematics award is a one-time, merit-based scholarship award for undergraduate, underrepresented students of color majoring in mathematics. Multiple awards may be granted in any one year. Previous recipients are welcome to re-apply.

The Donor wishes to provide scholarships to undergraduate or graduate students in the Department of Mathematics. All monies distributed from the Fund are made available by the generosity of Felice Michaels Levin and The Felice Michaels Levin Scholarship Fund.

Applicant Eligibility
Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria to be considered for the award:

  1. Declared in the math major.
  2. Underrepresented student of color. “Underrepresented student of color” refers to students from the following ethnic backgrounds as defined by Wisconsin State Statute: Southeast Asian-American (from Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia), African-American, Hispanic, and Native American Indian.

Application Materials
Applicants will be expected to submit the following materials for this application:

  1. A personal statement.
  2. Their UW-Madison unofficial transcript.

The following submission materials are optional, but strongly recommended and encouraged, as the scholarship committee will use the quality and relevancy of submitted optional materials as criteria in application reviews and decisions:

  1. A letter of recommendation (requested during application process through WiSH).
  2. A supplemental statement allowing applicants to share with the reviewers information that may pertain to the review and assessment of their application.

Award Term
Fall applications are reviewed in the fall term and are awarded for the subsequent spring term. If an applicant intends to graduate in the fall term in which they applied, they should note clearly that they intend to do so and the award can be applied to the fall term if applicable.

Questions regarding this application can be referred to the Department of Mathematics Scholarships and Prizes Committee chair, Kyle Martinez (klmartinez@wisc.edu).

Up to $1300
Department of Mathematics
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your expected graduation date?

    (Math Awards)
  2. Please share with the awards committee a personal statement regarding your interest in mathematics, how mathematics has influenced your future aspirations, or how mathematics has been impactful for you.

    (Math Awards)
  3. Please upload your most up-to-date UW-Madison unofficial transcript here. For instructions on how to do this, go to: https://registrar.wisc.edu/transcript/

    (Math Awards)
  4. (Optional) Please provide the name and email address of a reference that can write you a letter of support/recommendation.

    (Math Awards, Levin)
  5. (Optional) Is there any other information the Department of Mathematics Undergraduate Scholarships and Prizes Committee should know about you pertaining to the review and assessment of your application? This is your opportunity to tell us about any extenuating circumstances (financial or otherwise), challenges, identity and/or family experiences and history, exceptional talents or accomplishments, or other factors that are not contained in other areas of the application that may impact its review. The Department of Mathematics values diversity of all kinds and we welcome you to share information about communities with which you identify. Please be specific when presenting the additional information while honoring your need for privacy and discretion.

    (Math Awards)