Farha Tahir Award in African History Application

The Department of History is proud to offer the Farha Tahir Award in African History. The Farha Tahir Award in African History will support an outstanding undergraduate student studying African History. The $1,000 award may be used at the department’s discretion as a writing award, travel award or research award.

Department of History
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a declared History major?
  2. Are you a declared History certificate?
  3. What is your expected graduation date? (Month, Year)
  4. Please list any courses you have taken that have helped form your knowledge of African history.
  5. Are you applying to the Farha Tahir Award as a writing prize, or as a research award?
  6. WRITING PRIZE: If you are applying for this award as a writing prize, please upload the paper that you would like to receive consideration here.
  7. Which UW-Madison course was this paper created for? (course number, title, instructor)
  8. Were you nominated for a writing prize? If so, please enter the name of the instructor (TA or faculty) who nominated you here.
  9. RESEARCH AWARD: If you are applying for this award as a research award, please upload a 2-3 page proposal that describes your project topic, significance, and methodology. Your proposal should also include a budget outline of how the funds from this award would be applied towards project expenses (transportation to archives, supplies, etc).
  10. Please provide the name and email address of the faculty member supervising this project. The faculty member may be contacted by award reviewers to provide background or act as a reference for the project.
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