Department of History Summer Internship Funding Application

The Department of History has limited funding available for history majors who have accepted an unpaid summer 2023 internship with a historical society, museum, or similar organization in Wisconsin. Each award will be up to $2,000 for an expected minimum of 120 hours of internship work. If receiving funding for the same internship from another source that is less than $2,000, the Department may provide additional funds to reach a total summer funding package of $2,000. The Department will not fund internships that have already received a monetary commitment of $2,000 or more. Application submissions are subject to review and funding will be awarded at the discretion of the Department. Eligible students are those who are graduating on or after December 2023 (that is, the student must be returning to campus for at least one semester after their internship).

Please meet with Christina Matta, History Career Advisor, to discuss your plans before completing this application. Questions about the application should be directed to Christina Matta (

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis as long as funds are available.

Varies (up to $2,000)
Department of History
Supplemental Questions
  1. When do you expect to graduate?
  2. Will you be enrolled in classes at UW-Madison for the fall 2024 semester?
  3. Name of internship company/organization:
  4. Name, title, and contact information of internship supervisor:
  5. Internship location (City, State):
  6. Internship start date:
  7. Internship end date:
  8. Duration of internship (# of weeks):
  9. Number of hours per week:
  10. Total number of hours expected for the summer:
  11. Please upload confirmation (in PDF format) from your supervisor that you have secured this internship, including the job description and projects to be worked on. A letter or an email is sufficient. The confirmation should include the beginning and end dates of the internship, the number of hours a week, and pay or stipend information. If this is an unpaid internship, please note that.
  12. Please submit your current resume, limited to 1 page, as a PDF.
  13. Will this internship be conducted virtually/remotely, either in whole or in part?
  14. Optional: Please explain more about the internship modality.
  15. Why are you pursuing this internship opportunity? What do you hope to learn/get out of the experience? How will it contribute to achieving your personal and professional goals, and how does the work you will complete engage the skills you have learned from the History major?
  16. How will a stipend from the History Department enable you to participate in this internship opportunity? (Be specific).
  17. List any additional funding sources you have received or that you are applying to in order to fund this internship experience, the amount(s) you've requested, and the date(s) you'll find out whether you've received this funding. Failure to disclose may affect the consideration of your application.
  18. In the event that you receive funding, you agree to: a) complete the number of internship hours established in this application; b) complete all duties and requirements specified by the supervisor; c) act at all times as a responsible representative of the business or organization; d) inform Dr. Matta immediately of any concerns or issues with the work, the site, or the supervision; e) complete and return a post-internship evaluation form to Dr. Matta; f) ask your supervisor to complete and return a post-internship evaluation form to Dr. Matta.
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