Curriculum and Instruction Secondary Education Scholarship Application

Secondary Education Master’s in Teaching Scholarship Application: Completion of this application will qualify a student for all Secondary Education Master’s program scholarships for which the student is eligible.

For questions about the application, please contact the program coordinator at

School of Education
Supplemental Questions
  1. (C&I SEC MS) This application addresses scholarships reserved for students pursuing the initial Teacher Education MS Program. In what way are you connected to the C&I program?
  2. (C&I SEC MS) In which of these content areas do you plan to teach?
  3. (C&I SEC MS) What level of school do you plan to teach?
  4. (C&I SEC MS) Where do you foresee yourself teaching? Check all that apply
  5. (C&I SEC MS) Are you a first generation college student?
  6. (C&I SEC MS) Where did you attend/graduate from high school?
  7. (CI-U) Are you a returning student?
  8. FAFSA student aid application
    • Have you completed a FAFSA student aid application ?
    • If you feel the FAFSA information does not adequately share your financial situation, This information will be kept confidential and only reviewed by the Secondary Education Team please provide some context regarding your situation.
  9. (CI-G) How important would a scholarship/fellowship be in helping you continue or complete your program? Describe any special circumstances that might affect your current or future financial situation.
  10. Teacher Pledge?
    • Do you plan to take the Teacher Pledge?
    • If you selected, "no" or "unsure," please share some context regarding your response.
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