William A. Brown Writing Prize for Black History

The William A. Brown Writing Prize for Black History will award $500 to the best undergraduate paper written on Black history, based on the merits and quality of research and writing, with special attention to accessibility of writing. Papers can be diverse in geographic breadth, but the stories told must center on the history of Black lives. To engage students from other disciplines, both History majors and non-History majors are eligible to receive the prize.

This prize is named after the late Professor Emeritus William A. Brown, the first Black faculty member in our Department of History. A noted scholar of African and Islamic history, a committed advocate of Black Studies, and a trailblazer in his own right for Black Americans on campus, Professor Brown’s legacy embodies the very spirit of this writing prize.

How to Apply
Students will be considered for the William A. Brown Prize by completing the Department of History Undergraduate Writing Prize Application in WiSH.

Department of History