Kindness Matters Scholarship

The Sosa family, as supporters of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, started the Kindness Matters Scholarship to give returning adult students with financial need and a strong academic history, the opportunity to focus on completing their target degree. Beth and Brandon Sosa’s daughter Aanya chose the name Kindness Matters in light of their family belief that, above all, love and kindness are most important.

Eligibility Criteria
Nontraditional and returning adult students eligible for award consideration must 1) Have experienced a gap in their education for at least one year; 2) Be at the undergraduate or professional level; 3) Demonstrate financial need; 4) Show academic promise and commitment with a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA; 5) Be U.S. citizens, permanent residents or other eligible non-citizens.

Conditions of Award
Full or part time enrollment equivalent to the value of the scholarship award.

The application for this award is to be submitted through the ‘Scholarships for Nontraditional, Adult, & Single Parent Students’ opportunity. There are up to 15 individual scholarships associated with this one application, administered by the Division of Continuing Studies.

Visit the Adult Career and Special Student Services website to learn more!

Division of Continuing Studies