SoHE Fall Internship Scholarship

A scholarship ranging from $1,000-$3,500 for SoHE students completing their internship during the fall semester.

School of Human Ecology
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you previously satisfied the internship-for-credit requirement within the School of Human Ecology?
  2. Have you submitted your Internship Verification form to get your internship approved for credit?
  3. Is your internship unpaid?
  4. If your internship is paid, how much will you be paid per hour? (If your internship is unpaid, enter N/A.) If you are provided a lump sum, please divide that by 150 hours to provide your hourly rate
  5. Will your internship take place in-person, outside the state of Wisconsin?
  6. Will your internship be in-person, remote/virtual, or a hybrid of both?
  7. Please list the city and state that your internship will take part in.
  8. What is the name of the company/organization for which you will be interning?
  9. What will your position title be during this internship (i.e., Early Childhood Intern)?
  10. How many hours per week would you be working in this position?
  11. What funding, if any, have you received from other sources for this experience? What unit/organization is it from?
  12. Briefly explain what this award would mean to you financially.
  13. Please upload a rough budget of expenses you would incur by accepting this internship. Provide this individual expenses as well as a total amount of your expenses. The list of expenses may include: Tuition cost to enroll in the required 3-credit summer internship course (you can find general tuition rates here: Travel expenses to and from the internship location (i.e., airfare, bus ticket, etc.). Average room and board in the area. Additional costs may be included in the budget if applicable (i.e., ground transportation, parking costs, etc.). Groceries, dining out, household or personal care items, and any other expenses that you would incur regardless of your internship site/location should NOT be included.
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