Christine and Philip Lodewick Scholarship

This Fellowship was created by Christine Lodewick ’65 and Philip Lodewick. Christine is a philanthropist and community activist. She majored in Communication Arts while at UW–Madison. Philip Lodewick is the president of The Tradewell Corporation, a high technology leasing company. Together, they run the Philip H. and Christine Lodewick Foundation, which supports education, the arts, and community/social services.

Eligibility Criteria
Graduate student who intends to pursue a career serving schools with predominantly minority populations and who is most likely to be an outstanding leader in the field of multi-cultural education.

Application Information
To match to, apply for, and accept scholarships, students login to the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH) using their UW–Madison NetID and password. Complete the general application and all recommended applications that follow to be considered for the widest variety of scholarship opportunities. For this specific scholarship, be sure to complete the Rehabilitation Psychology Graduate Scholarships application.

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