Trewartha Senior Honors Thesis Research Award

This grant recognizes excellent research proposals and enables honors students to undertake more demanding and extensive senior Honors thesis research projects than might otherwise be possible.

Applicants must be declared in the L&S Honors Program and be pursuing Honors in the Major (for an L&S major), Honors in the Liberal Arts, or Comprehensive Honors. Applicants must also be enrolled in a senior Honors thesis sequence.

Up to 18 Trewartha awards can be made each year. The standard award is $1,500.

All applications will be evaluated by the Faculty Honors Committee. The committee makes award decisions based on the overall quality of the application.

More information can be found on the L&S Honors Program website (

L&S Honors Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please enter the proposed title of your thesis.
  2. Are you able to attend or did you attend a Q&A session or info session about the Trewartha Grant? Attending a session is not required, but can help you with your application!
  3. I understand that incomplete applications will not be considered and that all supporting materials and the application must be submitted by the deadline.
  4. If awarded a Trewartha Undergraduate Research Grant, I understand and would agree to the following:
    • I will complete the requirements for an Honors degree in the College of Letters & Science (Honors in the Liberal Arts, Honors in the Major, or Comprehensive Honors)
    • I will participate in the Senior Honors Thesis Symposium in April 2023 (or arrange an alternative with approval by Honors Program).
    • I will submit a PDF copy of my completed Honors thesis to the Honors Program Office.
  5. I understand that it is extremely important to consult with my faculty mentor as soon as possible if my research involves human subjects. A Human Subjects Protocol may need to be submitted and approved by a UW Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to award/release of any funds. In certain circumstances an exemption may also be obtained or your research may be covered under your thesis advisor's existing protocol. More information can be obtained at: Does your research involve human subjects?
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