P.E.O. Scholar Award

SMPH is seeking pre-nomination requests for PEO Scholar Award. Please note: If you are selected, your name will be forwarded to the local chapter PEO for nomination consideration.

This merit award is for serious, goal-oriented women scholars who are excited about their subject and are in the process of creating new knowledge or developing new technology or making new discoveries through research.

Recipients of Scholar Awards are outstanding women who have already begun contributing significantly to their chosen fields. They are already leaders among their peers. They have already achieved amazing things. Their achievements are documented by evidence such as patents, publications in journals, presentations at conferences, having their work cited by others in their field, unique service experiences, innovative new program development, etc.

They have been accepted by programs at universities recognized for their excellence and will be able to obtain detailed, personalized letters of recommendation from their professors.

The P.E.O. Scholar Awards are one-time, competitive, merit-based awards intended to recognize and encourage academic excellence and achievement by women in doctoral-level programs or who are seeking law degrees, veterinary degrees, medical degrees, and Ph.D degrees, for example.

P.E.O. Scholars have demonstrated their ability to make significant contributions in their chosen field of study, having assumed leadership positions in university academics, scientific research, medicine, law, performing arts, international economics, history, literature, government and other demanding fields.

Selection Criteria
1. Potential to make significant contributions in her field(s) of endeavor or to make a positive impact on society
2. Recommendations from three university professors or professional mentors
3. Evidence of scholarly activities (publications, presentations, patents, performances, etc.)
4. Academic awards and honors (honor societies, scholarships, etc.)
5. Description of academic record
6. Career objectives
7. Unique academic and/or global experiences
8. Establishment in academic program


  • August 20 to November 2022: Our Local Chapter Nomination – Nomination begins with the local chapter’s submission of the Online Nomination Form, which includes a nomination letter from the chapter.
  • April 2023 to August 2025: Nominee Graduation Dates – The nominee must be within two years of graduation and have at least one full academic year of work remaining at the time the first award payment is made.  For example, this coming year’s nominee must graduate with a doctoral degree/law degree between April 2024 to August 2025.
  • Forty-five days after Chapter Nomination: Deadline for Nominee – After the local chapter’s submission of the Online Nomination Form, the nominee will be sent a link to complete her application.  From the day the link is sent, the nominee has 45 days to submit all documents (an individually designated due date).  This includes all transcripts, letters of recommendations, and evidence of scholarly activities.
  • By May 1 of each year: Awards Announcement – P.E.O. Scholar Awards are announced on or before May 1 of each year.
  • By May 1 of each year: Local Chapter and Nominee Notification – Email notification regarding awards are sent to all nominees, both successful and unsuccessful, by May 1, with copies to local nominating chapters.
  • June 1 of each year 2023: Deadline for Return of Scholar’s Signed Acceptance Form and Digital Portrait – Award acceptance by Scholar is due on June 1, early return by May 15 is appreciated.
  • May – June of each year: Laureate Chapter Certificate of Recognition – Certificates of Recognition as a Laureate Chapter are sent to presidents of s/p/d chapters for presentation to the Scholar’s nominating chapter at their s/p/d convention.
  • After August 1 of 2023: First Payment to Scholar – First half of award payment is mailed to recipient after receipt of recipient’s fall confirmation of full-time enrollment.  If confirmation is not received in the Scholar Award office by September 30, the award will be forfeited.
  • After December 1 of each year: Second Payment to Scholar – The final half of award payment is mailed to recipient after receipt of recipient’s mid-year progress report (deadline of January 31) and spring confirmation of full-time enrollment.  The second payment may not be disbursed to a student if it is determined the student no longer meets standards for eligibility. 
  • June 30 of award year: Final Progress Report – Deadline for submission of Scholar’s final progress report.

Supplemental Questions
  1. PEO Questions
    • Able to obtain three letters of recommendation from faculty
    • Are you in good academic standing?
    • Briefly describe unique academic and/or global experiences
    • Briefly describe your potential to make significant contributions in your field of endeavor or to make a positive impact on society
    • I give UW-SMPH permission to provide my answers to the local PEO Chapter for nomination consideration
    • List academic awards and honors (honor societies, scholarships, etc.)
    • List your career objectives
    • Provide evidence of scholarly activities (publications, presentations, patents, performances, etc.)