Hartzman International Conference Graduate Student Travel Award

With support from the Hartzman family and the Dean’s office, the School of Education will provide funding for graduate students to present their own original research or creative work leading to a degree at a conference outside of the United States or within First Nations. The conference must be held between January 1, 2023 and June 30, 2023.

This travel award is available to graduate students from all disciplines across the School of Education. Priority will be given to doctoral candidates, or MFA equivalent, at the time of application and for presentations that will be given at conferences held every 2+ years. Students may apply for funding before receiving acceptance of their presentation; however, students must show evidence of conference presentation acceptance before receiving funds.

Funding may be requested for conference fees – including special interest group fees, airfare, lodging and per diem (which includes food, in-country transportation, CISI insurance, any required testing to travel, etc.). Please note that Virtual Conference awards do not include any expenses related to travel, per diem, lodging, or audio/visual equipment.

Virtual Conference Awards
• Funding may be requested for conference fees – including special interest group fees.
• Please work with MERIT Library or DoIT to secure audio/visual support as needed.
• Typical virtual awards are between $100 – $250.

In-Person Conference Awards – Important information
In-person funds for conferences are subject to change due to health, safety, or security concerns.
• All travel must adhere to UW–Madison travel policies.
• Thoroughly research policies of the country where the conference is being held. Review any quarantine/isolation restrictions and consider time and resources to adhere to these restrictions. More information regarding international travel Travel.State.Gov Restrictions and Travel.State.Gov – COVID
• Students remain subject to the UW–Madison travel waiver when planning a trip to a country that has a U.S. State Department Travel Warning of 3 or 4, or a Center for Disease Control Warning of a 3. Please reference Travel Warning Waiver Request. You will be required to complete and submit this form if you are traveling to an area with a Travel Warning of 3 or 4.
• Outline steps taken to apply for a travel waiver or provide an overview of when you plan to apply for a travel waiver.
• All travel must be booked through the travel companies contracted through UW–Madison which include Travel, Inc. and Concur.
• Submit a budget that demonstrates careful planning for use of the Hartzman International Conference Travel Award and include other funding sources you have applied for or have already received. Consider using the UW–Madison travel estimator Travel Planning and Booking.
• International travel insurance is required and purchased through Cultural Insurance Services International CISI.
CISI enrollment information.

School of Education, School of Education - Global Engagement Office
Supplemental Questions
  1. (GEO) In which School of Education department are you currently enrolled as a graduate student for the 2022-2023 academic year? (multiple selections allowed)
  2. (GEO) Are you currently a MS/MFA/PhD candidate in your department?
  3. (GEO) I confirm that I will be enrolled as a full-time graduate student during the year of the award.
  4. (GEO) When do you intend to graduate? Please provide your answer in month/year format.
  5. (GEO) Please provide the name of the conference and the city and country in which the conference will be held.
  6. (GEO) Please provide your dates of travel. Respond in month, day, year format, e.g., March 15, 2024 – March 18, 2024.
  7. (GEO) How often is this conference held?
  8. (GEO) I acknowledge that I have read the GEO Additional Travel Information document and all links and resources within the document, and I accept the requirements therein as a condition of receiving the Hartzman International Conference Award and/or the GEO Summer Research or Residency Award. View document here: Travel Information.
  9. (GEO) I acknowledge that I have read the GEO Additional Travel Information and if I am chosen as a recipient to receive the Hartzman International Conference and/or the GEO Summer Research or Residency Award, will be required to enroll and purchase international health insurance through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) prior to my departure. View document here: Travel Information.
  10. (GEO) Please provide the name and email of a faculty member who can write a statement of support for you for this award.
  11. (GEO) Please upload one document with your application materials. See help text for what MUST be included in the document.
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