H.L. & Jobelle Shands Demeter Study Abroad Scholarship

H.L. Shands PhD’32 began his career at the UW-Madison’s Department of Agronomy in 1929 as a research assistant. He earned a doctorate in agronomy and plant pathology in 1932, and joined the agronomy faculty as an assistant professor in 1936. His research focused on plant breeding for disease resistance, high yield, and grain quality. The Shands established the scholarship through their estate. They wanted to honor Jobelle MS’48’s years of service as a member and officer of the Daughters of Demeter. The Daughters of Demeter (now called Demeter) is an organization that shares an interest in agriculture and a commitment to education and public service. Demeter was formed in 1917 by a group of women whose spouses were faculty in CALS. Since then, the organization has expanded its membership to welcome all faculty, staff and friends of the college. Greek mythology provided the name of the organization as Demeter was the goddess who watched over the earth’s fruits and grains. The organization has supported educational and charitable projects in CALS and the Madison community.

Eligibility Criteria
Awarded to undergraduate students in CALS who are studying abroad or participating in international internships.

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