Promega International Scientific Internship Scholarship

Provided through a grant from Promega Corporation, this scholarship supports undergraduate students undertaking an international internship aimed at improving the quality of life in the world. Students from all science fields are eligible but a preference will be given to students whose internships use molecular biology techniques to better the world.

Eligibility: Internships or research should be focused on using science to improve our world. Internships must be unpaid (i.e., in a nonprofit organization or a university research lab rather than a for-profit company). Students must be based outside the US for at least 6 weeks and must complete the online Worldwide Internship Program (WIP) course during their experience. The location should not be the student’s home country or where they already have spent significant periods of time. Selection will be made based on clarity of purpose; connection between the internship and a student’s academic and career goals; and the project’s potential impact for improving quality of life in the world. Previous recipients may not apply for a second award and students who are accepted for Promega will not also receive a LACIS grant or African Studies grant from IIP for the same term.

Application: First apply for the Worldwide Internship Program (to propose your internship for credit) or an internship through the IIP database. You do not need to have an accepted offer yet to apply.

~$5000, amount depends on funds available annually and number of awards.
International Internship Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. International Internship Questions
    • Are you working with International Internship Program (IIP) on your internship and credit? This is required to be eligible so please contact us at if you are not sure or would like to find out how to work with IIP.
    • How do you believe an international internship will contribute to your professional and academic development?
    • In what city and country is your proposed internship located? (You may list more than one if not yet confirmed.)
    • Please tell us your estimated budget including transportation (airfare and local), housing, meals, visa, program fees (including for the WIP course and/or for your internship). Include any remuneration or stipends you will receive.
    • The grant requires you to successfully complete an academic course during your internship. How will the online Worldwide Internship Program course help you achieve your learning goals?
    • What is the name of the organization hosting your internship? (You may list more than one if not yet confirmed.)
  2. What language or cultural preparation do you already have for the internship and/or what steps will you take to prepare?
  3. Please describe the proposed internship project and how it meets the Promega International Scientific Internship scholarship goals (to improve quality of life).
  4. Are you returning to campus following your internship?
  5. Please provide contact for your Letter of Recommendation
  6. Please comment if there is anything else you would like us to consider as we review your application.
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