History 301 Scholarship Application

The Department of History offers two $500 scholarships to students who completed an unpaid internship in summer 2021 or who are completing an unpaid internship in fall 2021 and want to receive academic credit through History 301 (History at Work: Internship Seminar). These scholarships are $500 each and will be credited towards students’ tuition to cover the cost of enrolling in the course. All history majors are eligible to apply, though priority will be given to those who are on their first internship and/or do not have other significant work experience. Please note that enrollment in History 301 requires concurrent enrollment in History 300.

Department of History
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your expected graduation date? (Month, Year)
  2. Are you currently enrolled for fall 2021 in History 301: History at Work - History Internship Seminar?
  3. Do you have any other majors/certificates besides History? If so, please list here.
  4. What is the name and address of the company or organization at which you are interning?
  5. What is the name, email address, and phone number of your internship supervisor?
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