BBA Student Career Development Fund Application

The BBA Student Career Development Fund connects undergraduate business students with meaningful, career-oriented experiential learning to help you successfully achieve your internship and career goals. The Fund provides multiple awards (amount subject to variation) to admitted Wisconsin BBA students on a monthly basis. A student may receive up to $2,000 per academic year but can apply for an award each year. Students are evaluated using Wisconsin BBA Career Services criteria (value of the experience related to career decision-making and success, student commitment to personal growth and career development).

The types of career experiences that would qualify for an award might include:

• Unpaid (or below market) internship living expenses
• Experiential learning opportunities
o Job shadow experiences
o Industry or company-specific workshops and events
o Student treks (both individual and as part of a student organization)
o Student org membership dues
o Informational interviews
o Alumni or industry-focused networking events via professional associations

Award value up to $2,000

How to Apply
To be considered for this opportunity, complete these three required steps:
1. Log in and complete the General Application on your WiSH dashboard.
2. Attach documentation confirming details about the experience you wish to use the award funds to support (offer letter and position description for internships, receipts for travel and fees, event agendas, and/or flyers. Please include a summary of the event, dates, location, etc).
3. *Attach a resume

The Career Engagement Team will contact you regardless of outcome following each review cycle on a monthly basis. Students who accept the award will be required to complete a pre- and post- experience survey and 1:1 career advising consultation.

Eligibility Criteria
Must be an admitted, undergraduate student in the Wisconsin School of Business BBA Program. In addition, scholarships with a financial need component require a completed FAFSA form on file with UW-Madison. Student financial aid packages can be impacted by scholarship awards. It is recommended that students contact the Office of Student Financial Aid to learn about potential impact on current aid packages.

Questions about this application? Please contact Cindy Johnson at For more information about BBA scholarships, visit the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub.

Up to $2,000
Wisconsin BBA Initiative
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please include a preferred phone number.
  2. What is your expected graduation year?
  3. Intended major(s)
  4. Did you complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?
  5. What type of experiential learning opportunity are you seeking resources to support?
  6. Name/Title of the experience
  7. Date(s) of experience
  8. Location of experience
  9. If you are applying to support an internship experience, please indicate the hours per week you expect to work.
  10. How will this award help you achieve your future internship or career goals?
  11. Please estimate below the incremental costs incurred by you that will not be covered by the experience host. Only complete the applicable fields. Please note that the award value is up to $2,000 per academic year.
    • Hotel/lodging
    • Housing
    • Other (explanation required)
    • Registration fees or membership dues
    • Relocation expenses
    • Transportation
  12. Are you planning to enroll in any internship credit related to this experience?
  13. Please upload your resume.
  14. Please upload supporting documentation including an offer letter and position description (for internships), receipts (for travel and fees), event agendas, and/or flyers.
  15. Please provide any additional comments about your application or the experience you wish to attend.
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